Tuition & Fees

When you choose W&J College, you're making an investment in you. You'll find that we're invested in you, too, 提供优秀教育体验的所有功能. 认识澳门葡京博彩软件优秀的教师、校友和同事,他们挑战和支持你. Pursue our outstanding, personalized curriculum. 在课堂之外体验澳门葡京博彩软件的创新和沉浸式机会,让您可以旅行, research, or gain experience as an intern. Graduate fully prepared to excel.

Committed to Affordability

The cost of attending W&J College includes direct and estimated costs. Estimated costs include books and supplies, personal expenses, and travel allocations, 以及与特定课程相关的其他费用(如实验室费用)或加入希腊生活. Costs do vary each academic year. In recent history, W&J College tuition increases have been less than 3% annually, 与全国公立和私立学校学费增长的平均水平一致.

You invest in us, so we invest in you.


reduction in tuition
starting with the
2023-24 academic year


percentage of students
who receive some type of
scholarship or grant


percentage of
students who
graduate on time


percentage of students
employed or in graduate
school within six months of


percentage of students who
immerse themselves in
real-world experiences through
internships, fellowships,
research or global studies


amount awarded each
year to students for
internships, research
or study abroad

Estimate College Cost

An overwhelming majority of our students receive financial aid. 使用净价格计算器来估计你的财务计划和你的预期贡献. 该计算器使用上一年的经济援助和优异奖数据以及您提供的信息来估计出勤成本. You will need to provide this information:

  • SAT批判性阅读和数学成绩或ACT综合成绩,如果有的话
  • high school rank-in-class, if known
  • high school GPA
  • parent federal tax information
  • student federal tax information
  • 家庭所有现金、储蓄、支票和投资账户资产的价值

预估只是预估,每年的经济援助和奖学金的差异以及你提供的信息的变化都会影响到预估. Your actual cost may be more or less than the estimate.